Streaming - Another Capitalist Enclosure

Photo by Todd Walberg

Photo by Todd Walberg

While technology can be a beautiful and powerful tool, when technology is monopolized for profit, it can be a nightmare. Streaming companies have become even more consolidated than the major labels were at the height of their power. So we thought to ourselves: "What the fuck?" and "We thought the internet was supposed to be beautiful and powerful?" But it is the same as ever, the capitalists have taken another public good and built a wall around it. It's true, this time the wall is prettier than the last one the major labels built, but artists still have no real power inside this new enclosure. We can't negotiate contracts with Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and the rest. They want to use our music to sell the attention of our listeners to their advertisers. They want to use our music to rake in subscription dollars for themselves while musicians have no opportunity to negotiate for what they'll get in return. This lack of choice leads to serious consent problems for artists. In the interest of brevity, this all comes down to distribution. When distribution is controlled by the few, the many suffer. We didn't distribute our album with any digital streaming platforms and we hope more bands will do the same. We know that all of this is not interesting to most music listeners, but we may not be for all listeners, sorry!

If you are interested in internet stuff, and larger structural issues surrounding consolidated power within societies, Bim wrote a lengthy piece titled "Death, Taxes, and Data: A Memorial to the Throne" on these things for Watt Magazine. You can read it here:

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