No More War

Sam gave us this poster for the 1991 antiwar protests against the first gulf war. The image was drawn by Henk Pander who landed in Portland from The Netherlands in 1965. Tens of thousands of Portlanders attended this protest at Pioneer Square. It has been a long time since then. Progress has been made in some areas but we still live in a country that continually destroys innocent people in other countries for oil, we still engage in endless proxy wars over material spoils to prop up planet destroying business interests of billionaires. The “world-changing progress” we’ve made through our fancy new digital tools has done more to distract, atomize, and confuse us than to help us organize for global peace and human happiness. Instead, we consume as if brands are anything more than wolves in sheep’s clothing. We wreck up the place in the name of jobs and markets and growth while the world fears our insane behavior. We don’t protest war, mostly we throw our hands up because the only real control we feel we have is in what we add to our shopping carts, that is, if we’ve toiled hard and long enough to “deserve” our basic needs. Maybe it’s because it didn’t work, people have been protesting war in America for a long time and as a country, we just keep on killing. Either way, we seem less like a country and more like a machine with each passing decade. One that’s determined, one that can’t change its mind. There’s hope though, and it is starting to boil. Do not quell those feelings you have, don’t push them down, let them direct you towards the others. Let’s make a 500 year plan for humanity that gets us where we wanna be tomorrow. At the top of the list, let’s put: No more war, for oil or any other reason. No more war.

And And And

Currently throwing a temper tantrum that has lasted nearly a decade.