Egg: A Tabletop Adventure Game.

Throughout history, eggs have captivated mankind. There is no substitute
for these natural gifts. And And And reveres the graceful egg.
The game “Egg” is about fostering respect for these noble oblong spheres.
The game Egg was passed down to And And And by their dads, who learned
it from their dads, who were all cops. The band is now entrusting you with this knowledge, and with the responsibility of the state changes it will cause in your physiology, chemistry, and neurology.

How to Play Egg:

Find a flat table that can fit three to twenty
people around it.
Get one or more plastic Easter eggs.
Spin that fucker (the egg) on the table.
Blow on the egg to keep it moving around
the table without falling off.
Within this structure you will find nuance, humor, timelessness, and an acute dopamine flush. At first attempt, beginners should expect to experience an initial “pre-flow” period. Some tips for playing through this early stage: notice the direction
of the spin and the nature of larger orbit.
Play the edge. Use the space you have and plan your blows carefully. Breath in, and exhale with intention. With proper technique and cooperation, the egg will spin indefinitely.
Experienced players may place obstacles on table,
add additional eggs, and/or create specific egg routing.