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And And And formed in 2009. The four original members continue to make records and tour. Over the last ten years they have released six albums and two EP’s. They make non-commercial music and have tried to exist peacefully on this earth.


Nathan Baumgartner (Lead Vocals, Guitar)

Bim Ditson (Drums)

Jonathan Sallas (Bass, backing vocals)

Ryan WIggans (Guitar, keyboard, backing vocals)


Press links:

The Portland Mercury - 2/14/2018

"...absolutely oozing with truth."

XRAY.FM - 2/8/2018

"...the dreary content really sinks in."

Eleven Magazine - 2/1/2018

"...Nathan Baumgartner––punk AF."

The Portland Mercury - 1/14/2015

"...The hardships are evident..."

VICE - 1/17/2015

“…the songs make me want to buy an old van on Craigslist…”