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The Failure

by And And And
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No Party

by And And And
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by And And And

released February 12, 2012

Produced by Eric Earley + And And And. Recorded by Michael Van Pelt + Eric Early. Mixed by Eric Earley, Ryan Wiggans, and Jonathan Sallas. Cover art by Bim Ditson. All songs published by "I Like Your Shirt" BMI. 
Exploding Green Records 2012.

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These are some acoustic versions of songs old and new. The recordings on "quit" are part of a larger project called "give me a reason to quit" which will contain somewhere around 50 songs spanning the band's history.

released September 29, 2015

All songs written and performed by Nathan Baumgartner
Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Sallas
Ryan Wiggans played bass and tambourine on some of the songs. He also assisted in mixing. 
Bim Ditson drew the cover 'art' and got all the tapes dubbed while I was flipping out under pressure. -Nathan Baumgartner

We tried our best to be good boys. We even set up a positive reinforcement system involving treats, compliments, and pats on the back, but we still found ourselves inebriated in the mold basement. That's right! The We Shared Milk and And And And have finally teamed up and are having a great time! You are probably saying to yourself "yeah, I saw those guys play shows together and they were all too drunk to play. Big deal". In that case you would be correct. We were too drunk to play and it is a big deal. To celebrate our western world tour we combined our powers and made a new song to share. Jonathan recorded and mixed it in the mold basement. It is tentatively titled Muscle Stuff and it is really long and has tons of guitar, keyboards, cello, harmonies, two drumkits,and other cool stuff. We wrote, arranged, rehearsed, and recorded most of it over a weekend in late February. Your mom might like parts of it. Your dad will like parts of it (he will definitely love one part (see if you can find it)). They will generally disapprove of other parts. Hope y'all enjoy some of it. 
Love from, 
Berg, Bim, Boone, Eric, Henry, Jonathan, Nathan, Ryan, and Travis
Baby Zataran, Prickle Dick Ditson, Dogshit Howard, insert Eric nickname, Henry nickname, Sheeps Sallas, Cubb Baum, Crystal Swiggins, and Little Tickle (he may not want this. See if anyone else wants it)